Fairy Tales natural hair product: head lice prevention

As back to school is getting closer, let’s start the week talking about head lice prevention. This past school year I received emails through out the year from both of my daughters’ schools regarding lice outbreaks. I am well aware that it’s not a diseases or anything serious for me to be concern about. But, the whole idea that there could be little bugs crawling, lying eggs … on their heads really bothers me. On top of it all the amount of work (which I don’t need like every other mom) that comes to get rid of the lice is increadible. And, to be honest I don’t love the idea of using really strong chemical shampoos on their head to kill the lice. So, talking to a friend about lice and my strong feelings against it (which thankfully she shared them too), she told me about this natural shampoo that she uses on her children that helps prevent lice. According to their website “Rosemary Repel® – the first line of natural hair care products proven to help prevent head lice using organic herbs of rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, lavender and geranium oils.” Here is their website http://www.fairytaleshaircare.com in case you are interested. That’s it, my friends, we went through a whole school year and not one case of lice in our household. Phew! I must say that I also took other prevention methods like putting their hair in pony-tails or braids almost everyday, asking them not to play dress up, and instructing them not to share jackets, sweaters or hats. Fingers crossed that 2013-2014 school year will be another head lice free at mine and your household. Have a great week!



Mickey Mouse T-shirts, remember those?

A few days ago my friend got back from Disneyland with a couple of gifts for my girls. One of the gifts were Mikey Mouse t-shirts. Remember those Mikey Mouse t-shirts and sweatshirts that we all wanted to have and somehow managed to have them? If I remember correctly they were very popular in the late 80s – early 90s.


My girls now have the 2013 version:



In honor of the look of that time I dressed Juliana with jeans shorts and Bianca with jeans skirts. Sneakers remind me so much of that time too – it was a must for the outfit. After all, it was during that time that Nike Air and New Balance became known (at least in Brazil). My daily clothes were t-shirt, sweatshirt tied in my waist, semi-baggy jeans and sneakers.


Thanks to my dear friend, it’s been great to remember those days and mostly because I was able to share them with my girls. Can’t you tell we had a lot of fun and loved the t-shirts? What would you like to share with your kids? Or have them do what you use to do? These kind of moments are truly special.

Have a great weekend! xo

Gift Ideas: clean and elegant

I’m so excited about these ideas. This time I did it aiming for a clean and elegant look. To achieve it I kept to 3 stores that to me in their own way is what they represent: clean and elegant looks. I found gifts for her and him at Mont Blanc, Burberry and Banana Republic.

Last year my sister and her husband gave my husband, Shun, a Mont Blanc wallet. I think it was one of his favourite gifts ever. So, I had to mention it here! Every person that sees it has a comment about it. It’s truly a beautiful wallet.


For her I chose a Mont Blanc pen. I have a friend that says that the best gift is the one that you would love to have it and never buy it yourself. I thought that this pen would fall into what she says. Right?


A few years ago, I gave my husband and brother-in-law a cologne from Burberry and ever since it’s the only one they wear. I feel proud that so many years have gone by and they both still love it!


I have to say that I do the same with my perfume. Well, almost! I go back and forth between the Burberry for women and Brit. Their smell is fabulous!


The other day, I went shopping with a friend and she wanted to go inside Banana Republic. A little tip is that today only they are having a promotion of 40% off on one full priced item. To take advantage of this promotion for him I found this zip-up sweater that is made of microfiber with a very nice cut. I’m pretty sure that Shun would really like it.


And for her I found this blazer that the colorblock and material combination got my attention. It’s so clean and elegant.


That’s it for now. Hope these tips will inspire you for your next gifts. Have a great night!

Upgraded jeans jacket

As the weather gets better, we are getting those super fun spring outfits out of our closets. Oh, I’m so excited! Even though it’s June, we still need a jacket or cardigan to keep us warm -specially when not in the sun. But, I do like them because it can add an especial charm to the outfit. Few weeks ago, my friend Katie showed up with the cutest jeans jacket. What made it so cute? The leather sleeves. I can’t tell you how much I love it. I hang out with her a lot, so I shouldn’t buy it. But, will definitely borrow it (a post to come)! A cool thing is that I found out that Zara has a jeans jacket for girls with faux leather sleeves. Oh, that I couldn’t resist and I got it for Biibi.


The thing about this kind of jacket is that it adds to the usual jeans jacket a new look and it’s as versatile, if not more. Really, it goes with everything – dress, shorts, skirts, pants, jumpers, leggings… making the outfit a lot more fun.

I couldn’t resist; here is the adult version. This jeans jacket I saw at Aritzia.


And this one at Nordstrom.


Use your imagination with them and have lots of fun!

Photo credits: Aritizia, Nordstrom