Simple Pleasures

Good morning! I woke up to a text from my friend, Jen. She had just cut a few fresh flowers from her garden and it instantly changed the looks of her house. And consequently made her feel happier.


Isn’t it amazing how the simple pleasures of life can reinvigorate our day? We live in a condo that has floor to selling windows in all rooms and unobstructed views facing east and south. In other words we can get a lot of sun (in the rare sunny Vancouver days), so it completely changes the looks of my home making me feel so much happier. Another thing that makes me feel good like that is when I get home from groceries and immediately wash and cut up all the fruits I got – making it a beautiful fruit platter. And when I do it we eat way more fruits – super mom/wife feeling. What’s the simple pleasures that change your house and the way you feel? When was the last time that you did it? Happy Monday everyone!!!


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